17 Best Necromancy Spells In Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Necromancers can be a huge help to any Dungeons & Dragons group. At least a few of these 5e spells should be known by every Necromancer.

In Dungeons & Dragons, necromancy is one of the more dangerous types of magic. Necromancers are wizards who specialize in this type of magic and can control life and death with spells. Necromancy magic can be used to save lives or cause damage that drains people’s life force.

Necrotic damage is one of the most common types of damage in Dungeons & Dragons that can’t be blocked. This makes it dangerous for both players and their enemies. Since so few enemies are immune to this kind of damage, it’s not surprising that some spells can do a lot of harm. Necromancy powers are powerful, whether they are used to make an army of zombies or to curse an enemy.

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