5 Questions to Improve Your Sexual Health Habits

5 Questions to Improve Your Sexual Health Habits

The upcoming month of September has been designated as Sexual Health Month, prompting us to think about the intricate relationship between sexuality and physical and mental health. There is no one-size-fits-all definition of this vast and complex topic; rather, it is an area of diverse demands. How do you grasp your unique needs and cultivate effective channels to express your sexuality in its truest form?

Establishing a conducive headspace can play a pivotal role. Shedding any remnants of shame associated with your sexuality lays a strong foundation. Then, prioritizing self-care or tending to your partner becomes paramount, often necessitating the creation of a consistent routine.

Interestingly, as someone engrossed in reviewing adult toys, my narratives frequently center around my personal sensual experiences. These tend to highlight the exciting and titillating facets, often overlooking the effort required to allocate time for unwinding and relieving physical tension – a gratifying release, indeed!

In light of this, I intend to delve into five introspective questions. These inquiries aim to enhance your sexual health routine, facilitating a deep consideration of your individual requisites. Through this introspection, you can tailor a regimen that suits your needs and champions your overall well-being.

Assessing Your Sexual Needs

During a typical week, take a moment to contemplate: How frequently would you ideally engage in sexual activity? The spectrum of responses may span from “Twice a day!” or “Every night without fail” to “Once a week is sufficient” or “I’m currently not feeling inclined.”

It’s important to recognize that sexual drives are as varied as the individuals themselves. Moreover, external factors like stress or a busy schedule can influence desire. The key is to honestly evaluate what level of engagement would leave you feeling content at this point in time, and strive for that whenever possible. While life’s demands may occasionally intervene, treat this as an aspirational target rather than a rigid mandate.

If you find yourself in the “Not feeling it at the moment” category, it’s wise to shift your focus towards holistic self-care practices rather than exclusively centering on masturbation or sexual encounters. Discover other physical activities that provide relaxation: a leisurely stroll, a soothing bath, a cup of tea, and so forth.

Identifying Your Preferred Partner

For those in a relationship, this step is particularly valuable in establishing harmony within your sexual routine alongside your partner.

Given the divergence in individual sexual drives, it’s common for them not to align perfectly with those of your partner. Thus, it’s crucial to address whether any frustrations arise due to sexual frequency, duration, or intensity.

In cases where your desires don’t perfectly align, consider seeking middle ground or exploring alternative ways of fostering intimacy beyond conventional sexual intercourse. Remarkably, studies indicate that couples who partake in mutual body massages are between 24 to 28 percent more likely to report sexual “satisfaction.” Likewise, those who share showers or baths are 29 percent more inclined to express the same sentiment. This presents a compelling reason to delve into massage oils or embrace the joy of a shared shower experience.

Unveiling Your Turn-Ons

What propels you from a lukewarm “it’s alright, I suppose” to a fervent “I am absolutely ready for this” as you step into a sexual encounter? This insight can prove invaluable, especially when time is of the essence.

People’s sexual desire can be classified as either more responsive or more spontaneous. Some individuals require external stimuli to ignite their passion; they’re less likely to experience spontaneous arousal.

Erotic media such as pornography can be a potent tool to infuse excitement into your routine, offering a range of creative scenarios to explore. Visual pornography boasts numerous variations, artistic levels, and kinks to cater to diverse preferences. Additionally, audio erotica or a steamy romance novel can set the stage for vivid mental imagery. For a more personalized touch, consider engaging in image swapping or sexting with a partner.

This addition can spark intrigue—much like the way sex toys can, especially when you pinpoint the specific type of toy that resonates with you.

Defining Your Playstyle

With a multitude of possible approaches to sexual exploration, you might find a bit of self-discovery in store!

Contemplate your favored erogenous zone for stimulation. Are you drawn to consistency, or do you relish the idea of alternating between multiple pleasure points in a single session, or based on your current mood?

Perhaps you’re inclined towards activities involving restraint or sensation play—ranging from pinwheels and blindfolds to feather-tickling and wax play.

You might be in the market for…

Clitoral stimulators: From the innovative Rose Vibrator to a potent bullet vibe or a Magic Wand…

G-spot stimulators: Discover the rumbly vibe you’ve envisioned, the unique pressure of a Pure Wand, or even a self-propelled pulsator…

Anal exploration: A pliable Egg Plug, a captivating gem for anal play, or perhaps an adventurous colon snake…

Penis-centric pleasures: Opt for a well-fitting cock ring or a vibrating stroker…

Embrace your kinks: Explore bondage, gags, nipple toys, and beyond!

When shaping your sexual routine, incorporating new toys and exploring novel positions can heighten your enthusiasm and keep the excitement alive. Even when you believe you’ve grasped your preferences, a fresh addition to your toy collection can occasionally surprise and delight you. Click here for more new toys.

Carving Out Time and Space

Now, let’s delve into the practical realm: finding that precious time and space to indulge in your desires, whether solo or with a partner.

In the midst of bustling routines and demanding situations—particularly the chaotic landscape of 2020—it’s easy to let your personal needs fall to the wayside.

First things first, grant yourself permission to take a break.

Certainly, responsibilities and deadlines exist, and sometimes they’re genuinely urgent. However, when urgency isn’t the case, remember that your work or tasks will patiently await your return after an hour. You’ll likely return feeling revitalized, equipped to tackle your to-do list effectively.

Stepping away from work—whether to indulge in self-pleasure, take a leisurely walk, lose yourself in music, or engage in a beloved hobby—can significantly enhance productivity. Not only may you find yourself as or more productive, but you’ll also experience a renewed sense of energy.

If your schedule is brimming with work obligations and familial responsibilities, your breaks may need to be scheduled at unconventional hours, either early in the morning or late at night. And that’s perfectly fine!

Whenever possible, allocate ample time for a full relaxation session—be it daily or weekly. Such moments are a boon for your physical well-being and mental health.

In a Nutshell

A structured sexual routine extends beyond mere amusement—it’s a way to treat yourself with care. Masturbation and sexual activity can alleviate stress, provide temporary anxiety relief, bolster the immune system, and trigger the release of endorphins that boost productivity.

However, only you can determine what frequency suits you best at any given phase of your life. Reflecting on your desires and preferences establishes a solid foundation for a routine that nurtures your well-being.

Discovering your personalized, healthy sexual routine can be a rewarding journey.

Moreover, once you’ve established your rhythm, consider injecting excitement by exploring new positions, experimenting with fresh sex toys, or broadening your horizons by seeking out new perspectives. After all, routine need not equate to monotony.

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