All The Details! The Features Of An Embroidered Patch

Are you aware that the traditional art of embroidery is gradually being replaced by a modern alternative?

Embroidered patches are becoming increasingly popular these days and seem to be the go-to option for many people. And there is no reason for not choosing them. From their look to their durability, they are a perfect item for enhancing the appearance of garments and accessories. Now, you will be wondering why they stand out in the eyes of people, so we are here to make you aware of how it is composed.

In this article, we will discuss the various features of an embroidered patch. So keep reading.

Be Aware Of These Things: All The Features That Make Up An Embroidered Patch

These days, embroidered patches are readily used by various clothing industries for manufacturing a number of products.

Thus, more and more people are looking for them and demanding beautiful customizations on them. And if you are one of them, then you can go for your favourite Embroidery Patches UK. Online websites offer top-quality products and fulfill all the requirements of their customers. Now, you will be eagerly waiting to know what makes them special. So, let’s dive into the journey where you will get to explore various features of these emblems.

The Design

The first thing that we notice when we observe a patch is its artwork and patterns.

This is one of the prominent features that attracts people’s eyes and interests. Thus, it should be a compelling one. Before thinking about your design, there are a few things that you must consider. Think about whether your design contains text or not. Other than that, does it need gradients and shading, or will it be a simple one?

Additionally, you must also think about the pigments that you want to see in it. And its style and shape. It is recommended to opt for contrasting colors, and the size and shape should be according to the position you want to put it on. You can take inspiration from the internet for ideas about your artwork, or you can craft a sketch of what’s in your mind.

Embroidery Percentage

After you are done working on the artwork you desire, it’s time to think about the number of layers you want on your patch.

Embroidered emblems are composed by the overlapping of the threads. And with adding more and more layers, you can craft some unique patterns.

Other than that, you can also think about if you need an emerged design or a flat one. Or you can run some experiments and then select the one that looks appealing to your eyes. But make sure to use bold letters for the text. And also leave enough space for the artwork.

Thread And Twill

Embroidery work is all about playing with threads and twill and composing an artwork out of it.

Thus, it is necessary to use high-quality material, the one which stays in its place. Or else, the weak one can break in the middle of the process and ruin your artwork. And if you don’t have an idea about where to find top-notch material, then you can get assistance from any patch maker. They have all the vital information about emblems and can guide you well.


Want to take your patches to the next level?

Don’t forget to add some eye-catching borders for a polished finish. They help to modify the overall appearance of the emblems, so you don’t have to miss this feature. There are various types of borders that you can add to your embellishments. We will jot down a few of them below.

  • Merrowed ( this border is carefully sewn over the edges of the patch)
  • Heat Cut ( gives a clean, smooth edge to your patch using a hot knife that seals the edges)
  • Laser Cut ( smoothing and polishing of the border with the help of laser )

These are a few types from which you can choose the border of your emblems. But if you want a flatter look, then go for the heat or laser cut. On the other hand, the merrowed one gives an enhanced appearance to your patches.


Nobody can compromise on the quality of the product. Thus, the patch should be of top quality. The loose threads and color bleeding don’t look appealing to the eyes.

Therefore, make sure to choose a good manufacturer for your patches. These professionals don’t utilize low-quality materials like thread, fabric, or even decoratives. So, if you want a durable product, then you must invest in great materials as they make up the whole patch.


The last feature that is also quite important is the backing of the emblem. It is the main element that aids the attachment process of your embellishments. There are a number of backings available in the market, and each of them has their own properties. We are listing a few types below.

  • Iron-on (It takes an iron to stick or paste these crests)
  • Sew-on (A needle and thread can help you stitch them on the fabric)
  • Stick-on (It possesses a sticky back like a sticker, which is pasted on the fabric without any effort)
    Velcro (This one consists of two sides, one with the hook and the other one with the loops. One of both sides is attached to the fabric, and the remaining one is attached to the patch. This type is removable whenever you want to )
  • Hook and loop (This kind of backing assists the emblem in attaching to the fabric with the help of a hook and a loop)
  • Plastic (This is the thickest backing and can be pasted on the fabric with the help of adhesive glue)
    Pin (This backing consists of a safety pin or butterfly pin for attaching the patches on the fabric)

All in all, these are some of the common backings for your custom patches. Thus, choose the one which suits you.


When it comes to custom embroidered patches, there are various features that you have to keep in mind.

From the design to its backing, you can add customization to each of them. But make sure that no matter what you choose, it should be a durable one. We have listed a few features above from which you can pick the elements that are suitable for you and compose the perfect and unique emblem.

After that, you have to select an experienced manufacturer to put together each of them and compose your desired embellishment. Thus, do your research well and come up with a creative idea that makes you stand out from others.

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