Bethesda Games: 7 Best Female Villains, Ranked

These characters are the best proof that Bethesda games know how to make believable female bad guys.

Bethesda Softworks is a well-known company that makes video games that most people have heard of. Bethesda was known at first for making realistic fantasy games. But after their Elder Scrolls and Fallout games became huge hits, their presence in the industry grew a lot. With a focus on engaging gameplay, interesting stories, and huge open worlds, Bethesda has become a name that’s synonymous with good gaming experiences… except for a few bumps in the road recently.

One thing that makes Bethesda’s games stand out is that they have unique and memorable female baddies. This is a must-have in an industry that hasn’t been a great example of diversity. Most of the time, these bad girls are strong opponents for the player character. They also add a layer of mystery and depth to the story as a whole.

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