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Watching movies and TV shows is one of the go-to forms of entertainment these days. Who wouldn’t like to spend the busy day getting cozy and watching your favorite films? However, streaming has one major flaw which is requiring a connection, especially when you want to watch but don’t have Internet access. So, it is handy to save your favorite movies on your mobile phone to watch offline. But how do we do that?

In my experience, I can introduce these methods to download your favorite movies and watch them offline. If you are a die-hard movie fan, follow these methods;

  1. Using movie streaming apps to download movies
  2. Using movie streaming websites

Here are the most proper methods to download movies on your smart device for offline watching. We can see thousand-plus movie streaming apps and websites. But it is very difficult to find a better app or website to download movies. So, I will introduce some well-known apps and websites through this article. Read the article at the end!

Using movie streaming apps to download movies

Online movie streaming apps have grown really over these days. There are many different apps available such as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney, to name a few and they have a wide range of movies. In common, all these movie streaming apps have their own pros and cons. Let’s see what are the pros and cons of these movie-streaming apps commonly.


  • Movies can be viewed on any device with an internet connection
  • Streaming quality can be adjusted


  • Absolutely, you need to have a stable internet connection
  • Some streaming apps are quite expensive

Now see the most famous movie streaming apps in 2023!


Netflix is a standard movie-streaming app that has a wide collection of movies and TV shows. It is like a movie library and you can easily find out your favorite movie or TV series through Netflix.


  • Offline downloads on your mobile phones
  • High-quality movies
  • You can watch million plus movies and TV shows undoubtedly
  • Free mobile games


  • Annoying ads
  • The premium version is very expensive


Disney+ is the best streaming service for your family because it’s full of kid-friendly, nostalgic, and heartwarming content. It gives you everything that will put a smile on your face. And it has a wide range of content that is especially useful for kids.


  • Best performance
  • Much Disney-owned contents
  • High-quality videos
  • 4K streaming available


  • Premier access is very expensive


Zinitevi has an extensive library of movies, TV shows, and Originals in every genre, every personality, and every mood. Surprisingly, Zinitevi is a better way to download your favorite movies on any mobile phone hassle-free. So, get a cinematic universe experience with the Zinitevi download.


  • Completely free app
  • No limitations or restrictions in the free version
  • Fastest video downloading experience
  • No advertisements
  • Compatible with any mobile versions
  • Offline viewing options
  • It has different languages and captions
  • Fastest and smart search engine option
  • It has an online catalog technology
  • All contents are categorized into various categories


  • No cons to show


This is one of the best to watch the latest movies and TV series. And it has a huge movie collection than other competitive apps.


  • Available on nearly every media streaming device
  • Huge collection of contents
  • Wide live TV channel lineup


  • Annoying ads
  • It only gives offline feature option for premium accounts
  • Less high-quality originals

Best movie streaming websites to download movies

Streaming websites are becoming popular in our time. A lot has changed, and so has the number of websites that provide these services. So, we can find a thousand-plus movie streaming websites now. However, just like movie streaming apps, there are some upsides and downsides to streaming media on a website.


  • Instant viewing
  • No download time
  • No need for memory space


  • Can only be done online
  • You have to pay attention to online security
  • Need a powerful internet connection

So, here are the pros and cons of movie streaming websites. In my experience, I found some well-known and safe websites for my die-hard movie fans. Let’s see what are those;


If you want to watch various kinds of movies on one platform, Gostream is the best. It has a wide range of movie collections and now you are free to watch all these movies without installing any app or software.


  • It has a wide collection of movies
  • High-quality movies
  • Fastest movie loading


  • Only movies and it has no TV series available
  • Annoying ads


Moviesjoy is very famous for both the latest blockbusters and older classics. So, any age of movie fan can use this movie website to watch their favorite oldest or latest movies. This website works with any smart device. So, you can enjoy content anywhere and on any device.


  • High-quality video streaming
  • Acceptable catalog


  • Annoying ads


This is a very famous website to download movies for later viewing. Tubi is the best site for streaming movies online without needing subscriptions or signing up. And all my movie fans can find iconic movies with this app like me.


  • Satisfactory content catalog
  • No need for any subscriptions or signup
  • No annoying ads


  • Only available in the USA. If you are living in another country, you have to use VPN to try this site


This is another fantastic site to watch and download movies as you like. It is a completely free, ad-supportive site to watch unlimited movies.


  • Free and legal to download movies


  • It has not a huge content library


Watching movies is an essential part of our busy life. So here are the top movie streaming apps and websites that allow you to download your favorite movies and TV shows for free. Other than that the sites and apps will surely be delightful to use, and you will be surprised to check the vast collection of movies that are available on these websites. So, try all these sites and apps quickly! Then, select the best one for you. If you find a new method to download movies, share that with us!

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