Guess who’s the best gossip-monger amid Seema Khan, Neelam, Maheep Kapoor and Bhavana Pandey? Particular Interview! | Hindi Film Info

Gossip is an timeless portion of Bollywood. Guess most people prefer to know the newest whisper doing the rounds of B-City.

A lot of occasions in the past, we had been chatting with 4 thick mates – Neelam, Bhavana Pandey, Seema Khan and Maheep Kapoor. We threw varied issues at them and not one of the 4 was unsporting.

Coming again to gossip. We herewith reproduce the great interview which you could get pleasure from correct away. a look at?v=NVlRuToGD-8

Maheep Kapoor is crucial gossip-monger. However who takes the longest time to get utterly prepared? Who has an moi in stating ‘sorry’? Who goes to a salon/spa on the fall of a hat? Who has a mood? Tons extra on this job interview, embedded over.

On this article is the extract from the entire job interview as significantly because the gossip dilemma was anxious…

Who amongst you 4 is crucial gossip monger?

Seema: Maheep

Maheep: Kya?

Seema: Maheep is sounding as if no individual else should purchase the title that belongs to her.

Maheep: Properly, I get a considerable amount of information, I get extra info and information than all of them, however gossip ummm….

Bhavana: Maheep is selection greater than sufficient to share it along with her good associates. She just isn’t egocentric to maintain it to herself.

Maheep: Are you giving me the crown?

Bhavana: Positive, in fact.

Maheep: Chalo, I’m going to decide on it.

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