How Can I Download TikTok Videos From Browser?

Download TikTok Videos!!! TikTok is one of the most popular social media networks among young people. It allows you to create short time videos and share them with the platform. Hence, people use the TikTok app to show their opinions, promote their businesses, etc. However, TikTok is a mobile-based social media network like Instagram. Hence, you can download it for Android and iPhones. But you can use TikTok on computers using different methods. Here we provide various methods to download TikTok videos from the browser. 

  1. Use of the desktop app
  2. Use of Inspect Element feature
  3. Use of third-party TikTok downloaders 
  4. Use of Browser Extension

 1. Use of Desktop app to download TikTok videos from the browser

Here is the step guide to downloading TikTok videos by using the Desktop app. 

  • Download the TikTok Desktop app – Navigate to TikTok app in your browser. You should see a link that says “ Get TikTok for Desktop” in the bottom right corner. Tap the link. Then install the app. 
  • After opening the desktop app, find the TikTok video content you need to save from the TikTok platform. 
  • Now right-click the TikTok video.
  • Select the “Save Video As”
  • Then save the TikTok videos for later watching. 

 2. How to save videos from TikTok using the Inspect Element feature?

The Inspect Element feature lets you find the source link of your TikTok video. You can download TikTok videos easily by using the Inspect Element feature. However, if you are unfamiliar with computers or codes, it will be a much more complicated process.

  • Visit on your laptop
  • Select the video you wish to save from TikTok.
  • Right-click the blank field and select “Inspect”. Once the inspected page appears, go to the element tab.
  • Scroll down to find “video”
  • Once you have found the code, right-click on it and choose “ Open in a new tab” 
  • The selected video will play in a new tab.
  • Tap the three dots in the TikTok video. 
  • Finally, choose “Download” to save the video to your computer. As well as you can right-click it and select the “Save video as” option.

 3. Use of third-party TikTok downloaders

If you want to download TikTok videos by using a web browser, you can use third-party TikTok downloaders. They allow you to download water-mark-free TikTok videos easily. What are the most popular TikTok downloaders on the online market? 

  • sssTikTok
  • ExpertPHP
  • 4K Tokkit
  • SnapTik
  • SaveTok
  • Qoob Clips, etc


The sssTikTok is one of the best TikTok downloaders that is compatible with all the devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. It is available online. Hence, it does not require any installing or downloading apps to use it. Likewise, 

You don’t need to choose the preferred quality of the video before downloading. Why?  HD resolution is set by default. You can download watermark-free TikTok videos by using it.  

Expert PHP

The ExpertPHP is a user-friendly tool that allows you to download videos from Tik Tok using only a link. It supports all PC, Laptops, Android, iOS, and Chrome tablets. 

The TikTok videos downloader extracts and saves songs from your favorite videos in MP3 format. It will download watermark-free TikTok videos quickly with one click. 

4K Tokkit

The 4K Tokkit is a Desktop software that supports bulk downloads. You can view, download, and save TikTok videos on computers by using 4K Tekkit. Likewise, 4K Tokkit allows you to save multiple videos simultaneously. You can download countless TikTok videos without any effort by using it. Also, it downloads high-quality TikTok videos with a maximum resolution of 720p. 


SnapTik is the best TikTok video downloader that allows you to download TikTok videos from your browser easily. It is an online application. Hence, you can use it without installing or downloading any app. Likewise, you can download unlimited TikTok videos for free. Also, it allows you to download high-resolution videos with a single click. What devices are compatible with it? You no need to worry. It supports all kinds of operating systems perfectly. If you want to download water-mark-free TikTok videos from your browser, SnapTik is the best solution. 

If so, how to download TikTok videos by using the software? 

  • Open the TikTok downloader app on your PC or Mac using any web browser. 
  • Find the video from the TikTok app
  • Copy the video URL by clicking “ Share” and choosing “ Copy Link”.
  • Navigate to the TikTok downloader online from the browser
  • Then paste the TikTok video URL in the input box and click the “ Download” button
  • Finally, tap the “ Download Without Watermark” icon to download a video.


SaveTok also helps to download TikTik videos from Browser. It is compatible with iOS and PC. They don’t take up more space on your computer. Likewise, you can check what videos you have already watched and downloaded by adding videos from TikTk to your bookmarks. Also, you can download your favorite TikTok videos in HD quality. Likewise, you can apply the slow-motion effect to a video while downloading it. 

Qoob Clips 

Do you want to download unlimited videos from private and public accounts? One of the best solutions is Qoob Clips. The Qoob Clips automatically download unlimited TikTok videos for free. You can grab TikTok challenge videos and other content from TikTok hashtags. Likewise, it allows you to download HD-quality TikTok videos easily.

 4. Use of Browser Extension 

  • As a TikTok user, you can install a Google Chrome browser Extension, an Advanced downloader for TikTok. It avoids the copy-pasting process. 
  • After downloading the Advanced Downloader for the TikTok extension, refresh the TikTok page.
  • Then you can see a “Download” option underneath the “Report” option when you watch the TikTok video.
  • Now choose “Download” and the MP4 video will be downloaded to your computer.


TikTok is a mobile-based social media platform. Hence, you can download the TikTok app to Android and iPhones. However, you can download TikTok videos from computers by using different methods. Do you want to download TikTok videos from your browser? You can follow the above-mentioned methods. Try them.

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