How to Get Great Professional Headshots in Austin

As the capital of Texas, Austin is home to a thriving community of creative professionals who recognize the importance of having a quality headshot. An excellent headshot conveys personality and professionalism that resonates with employers, clients and colleagues. If you’re looking to get professional headshots in Austin, follow these tips and strategies for fantastic results.

Why Invest in Professional Headshots?

A professional headshot is a photograph you use to create your personal brand, and increasingly are being used in infographic resumes and on job networking websites. Professional headshots usually focus on your upper body, such as your head and shoulders.

Great professional headshots provide many benefits:

  • Shows you are serious, credible and accomplished in your industry.
  • Makes strong first impressions online, in marketing materials, and on resumes/profiles.
  • Displays your brand visually and reinforces your professional reputation.
  • Helps build networking connections and increase memorability.
  • Improves trust and familiarity with clients and colleagues.
  • Distinguishes you in competitive job, client or funding opportunities.
  • Boosts self-confidence by feeling at your best in photos.

How to Prepare for Headshot Sessions

Advance preparation is key for looking your best in headshots:

  • Wardrobe – Select professional attire in solid colors that represents your brand. Avoid busy patterns or distracting accessories.
  • Grooming – Schedule a hair trim or style. Shave and groom any facial hair. Have makeup done professionally if desired.
  • Hygiene – Care for skin, teeth and nails. Be well rested to avoid bags under eyes.
  • Expression – Practice smiling naturally in the mirror to find your most confident look.
  • Personality – Think about poses and expressions that reflect your professional strengths.

Tips for the Headshot Photography Session

Follow these tips when meeting with the photographer:

  • Arrive early to get settled in and ready. Use the restroom just beforehand.
  • Communicate any ideas, concerns or questions you have up front.
  • Relax and be yourself. The photographer will guide you to look your best.
  • Follow the photographer’s instructions but also offer suggestions if something doesn’t feel right.
  • Remember to blink, breathe, and relax your body between shots. Tension shows in photos.
  • Change it up with different poses, expressions and suggestions. Variety gives the best results.
  • Listen to feedback and make adjustments to improve each shot. Small tweaks make a difference.
  • Don’t overdo it. Keep sessions limited to 45 minutes to 1 hour maximum to avoid exhaustion.

Popular Headshot Styles and Variations

Discuss which style is right for your goals with the photographer:

  • Traditional – Clear focus head and shoulders shot against a plain, solid backdrop. Conveys professionalism and competence.
  • Environmental – Candid shots of you “in action” in your office or professional workspace. Communicates your work environment.
  • Lifestyle – You doing natural poses in casual wear in an outdoor location. Shows personality and soft skills.
  • Cutout – Clean background with shape of your head and shoulders cut out and isolated. Modern, distinctive style.
  • Black & White – Classic stylish effect for formal, sophisticated impression. Works for many professions and styles.

Where to Get Headshots in Austin

Research local Austin photographers who specialize in professional headshots. Look at their past work and read reviews. Places to check include:

  • Photography studios and local photographers specializing in business or corporate headshots.
  • Lists and directories of the best headshot photographers in Austin online.
  • Creative firms and agencies that offer professional headshot services.
  • National chains with local Austin studios like JCPenney Portraits.
  • Graphic design businesses and freelancers experienced with professional headshots.

Investing in high quality professional headshots is a smart move for any Austin career or business. With proper preparation and working with a skilled local photographer, you’ll have images that capture your true professionalism and brand personality for years to come. To learn more visit Professional headshots studio. 

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