Interesting Pergola Design Ideas

You would desire to have outdoor spots to socialize and the presence of these structures in your landscape surely enhances home value. These are the reasons why you would give it a serious thought and you can plan to have a pergola. It is an outdoor spot with shade and that is precisely the reason why it is cool & comfortable. It is an ideal spot to socialize and you would want to have it constructed quickly. The construction work can be handled by professionals such as but being the homeowner, you will surely have your say.

The one area where you can give your input is the design work for the pergola. You would want the structure to look beautiful and therefore some bit of focus on the designs in this space will serve the purpose. Here are some interesting pergola design ideas that you can have within the confines of your home.

A corner cabin-style pergola with lantern:

Do you want to have a rustic pergola? People, who have such desires, can explore this theme and it does create an inviting conversation area in the backdoor. The construction should have some wooden textures that should add contrast & pattern while at the same time maintaining a neutral color theme. You can plan to hang a large cast iron lantern in this place and that should help to create a focal point.

A lighted pergola:

This is another trending pergola design theme and is immensely popular across homes in this country. You can hang Edison bulbs and have potted plants in this space. The composition of your pergola could be cedar wood which prevents rot & decay and insect attacks. To create a focal point, you can plan to hang a chandelier right in the center.

A pergola with curtains:

You can have a pergola with curtains and they create the added drama to this space. This type of pergola design would suit anyone who desperately desires some bit of private moments. There is a scope to create an exciting color pattern, by carefully selecting the curtains.

A garage-styled pergola:

This is another interesting pergola design theme that you can have within the confines of your property. This style of pergola located just above the garage door can be devoid of support columns. The pergola structure should attach to the garage walls. This is a trending pergola theme that adds style & grace to your beloved home.

A free-standing cubic pergola:

The design options are simply endless as you plan to have a pergola within the confines of your property. You can have a dark wood cubic-shaped pergola that should help to create a shaded outer room. The construction should have two-slated walls and an entrance that resembles a door. You can have some wicker furniture in this space that resembles charcoal grey. The white pillow and some bright flooring give the whole area a contrasting look.

A Pacific-style picnic theme wooden pergola:

Give your pergola a picnic-style theme by having wide open sides that offer a great view. The theme is about having a detached pergola that will have a natural look of picnic tables & seating and flooring. The design theme is about having some openness and is just ideal for anyone who plans to socialize in this spot on fine weather days. It should be a space, where you can easily mingle with nature.


These are only some of the popular pergola design ideas and the list is simply endless. You can also have a tropical parlor outdoor pergola theme. The objective should be to explore the vast options for pergola designs and convey them to the team working on your project. They will meet the execution challenges.

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