Learn How To Design Embroidery Patches That Still Popular

Have you ever thought about how you can make your outfit truly unique?

Embroidered patches are the perfect way to add a touch of individuality and style to your garments. Whether it’s a quote that you like, a cool design, or even your favorite band’s logo, emblems can help you stand out from the crowd and express yourself in a fun and creative way.

So why settle for plain and boring clothes when you can have something that truly reflects your personality? In this article, we will discuss the history and composition of these emblems. What’s more, we will also explore their growing trends in the fashion industry. So keep reading.

How Are Embroidered Patches Originated?

Do you ever wonder how these emblems emerged and came into fashion?

The story started when embellishment on clothes was a sign of royalty. The poor people used to craft various beautiful patterns and decorations on the clothes of rich ones. That was the time when it was considered the representation of wealth and status.

But after that, it was also used by military people on their garments. Do you ever notice their uniforms? They consist of a few badges that represent their rank. This is the inspiration that influenced the origin of embroidered patches. People used to adore them and started composing a number of fascinating needlework on small pieces of fabric. As a result, emblems come to life.

With the development of the industrial era, the creation of this artwork became a breeze. Machines start replacing human efforts and make the process quicker. As a result, the value of patches drops down, and people of all classes start to wear embroidered clothes. Due to this reason, more and more fabrics began to be manufactured in bulk containing the embroidery. After that, it became a fashion staple in the world of clothing.

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Let’s explore how emblems are designed and what to consider while composing them.

How To Compose Embroidered Patches Design: Step By Step

It is impossible to think that these beautiful decorative pieces are composed with any thought process. Patch makers have to examine various things before creating a design. We are listing all the necessary things that they keep in mind before composing an emblem.


Have you ever noticed how the artwork on a patch catches your eye and draws you in? It’s the first thing that grabs the attention of the viewer.

Therefore, the manufacturer thinks about it with full consideration. They research what their customers are demanding and what’s trending these days. After that, they start crafting captivating sketches for their products. If you want to have a personalised emblem custom-tailored as per your vision, you can get assistance from various online sites that offer chenille patches in UK. These professionals will offer you the exact same artwork that you dream about.

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When they finalise the artwork, they start experimenting with various colours to make it look attractive.

Due to this reason, they try contrasting colours and work with the brighter ones to make the needlework stand out. The fact is lighter shades dim the magic of the design, and the crest wouldn’t look prominent on the garment.

Thread And Fabric:

After color selection, they started searching for top-quality threads and material for their embellishment.

The quality of these elements matters because they are the reason behind the durability of the emblem. Thus, experienced manufacturers opt for high-standard material, which is also according to the chosen shade.

Percentage Of The Threads:

The artwork of the patches depends upon the overlapping of threads.

Thus, manufacturers play with the number of threads and layers they compose. For the customers who need flat patches, they add a single layer of threads. But to give an emerging look, they incorporate more than one layer.


The last thing that they consider while composing a patch is its backing. There are a variety available in the market. From an iron-on one to the hook and loop one, they craft an emblem on the basis of customer requirements.

Each backing possesses its own properties, and people choose them according to their suitability. And this is where the designing process of the patches ends. Now, let’s have a look at how they are shining in the fashion trends these days.

Embroidered Patches And Current Trends

As you go through life, you’ll notice that your leather uppers and accessories tell a story about yourself.

Embroidered patches gradually make their way onto most clothing items and accessories. They give a unique flair to your fashion style. And people are experimenting with them in various positions on their garments. For instance, they are using back patches for jackets of bigger sizes so they can be noticed even from a distance. Just like that, you can now notice these emblems on bags and cushions as well.

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Additionally, these emblems are not just restricted to showcase the support for any social cause. But they are now used for promotional purposes as well. Other than that, people are also applying them to add a sense of personality to their clothes.

Aside from that, individuals are also utilising them to distinguish themselves from others. For instance, each motorcycle club has its own emblems, which contain the name, logo, and location of the gang. Thus, they take assistance from these patches to showcase their identity. Most brands also apply these embellishments on their products for branding purposes. All in all, these decorative pieces never go out of trend due to their multifunctional nature.


So wheher your plan is to increase brand awareness or uplift your basic old dress into a funky and stylish one, embroidered patches won’t disappoint you.

Emblems have come a long way from their practical origins and have now become a trendy fashion statement in today’s world. From leather jackets to backpacks, patches are a great way to add some personality and flair to any outfit. So, if you want to stand out from the crowd, embrace the patch trend and show off your unique style.

Additionally, these days, various sectors are taking advantage of these embellishments, from adding them to uniforms to including them on products; they are fashionable and functional. So think of various ways other than hiding holes in your old clothes to use these emblems. These patches will amaze you by solving all your problems regarding garments.

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