Mortal Kombat: 8 Best Brutalities, Ranked

Everyone knows about the Mortal Kombat Fatalities, but the Brutalities are just as brutal and even harder to do right.

Everyone knows that Mortal Kombat is known for its bloody and violent Fatalities.The brutalities, on the other hand, are done in a very different way, but they still make the opponent look bad. Even though Brutalities have only been in a few games, they have been making a comeback in the most recent ones. This makes sense, since combos have become a bigger part of games over time.

Unlike a Fatality, which can be used at the end of a fight, a Brutality can only be used when a specific move is used to reduce the opponent’s health to zero. Most of the time, players will also need to meet a certain requirement for Brutality to work. They’re hard to pull off, so only people who are sure of themselves and have done it before try them. But that just makes it more rewarding when Brutalities kill the enemy.

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