Our Blues interval 1, episode 20 recap


A terrific finale that wraps nearly all the pieces up while affording occasions of poignance and jubilation, all along with a heartfelt sentiment.

This recap of the Netflix Ok-Drama sequence Our Blues interval 1, episode 20, “Okay-dong and Dong-seok 3,” — the finale and ending described — contains spoilers. 

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Our Blues interval 1, episode 20 recap – the finale and ending mentioned

We begin off by observing Seon-a working and arranging her journey to Jeju, despite the fact that Dong-seok carries on to generate Okay-dong throughout in analysis of the reservoir. The outdated lady does need to discipline a telephone merely name from Chun-hee within the meantime despite the fact that, as her mate miracles how the holiday goes, if she is staying handled correctly, and if her son has referred to as her mother however. Then, on foot, the travelling duo carry on their journey, navigating the broad forest collectively.

In time, the 2 arrive at their spot, and seem out on the icy surroundings in hope of discovering the place by Okay-dong utilized to remain. Whereas sat on tree trunks, the mom-son pairing have a heart-to-heart too, centred near the deaths of their partner and kids. Afterwards on, whereas travelling once more towards the truck, Dong-seok finds himself caring for his mom, providing her his jacket within the rain, along with a trip on his again to fight her sore ankle. So, tearily, they head again in tandem, with the son nervous about how Okay-dong is simply “pores and skin and bones” now.

Confronting his mom on how she felt when his in-legislation defeat him, Dong-seok wonders further why Okay-dong refuses to apologise for all that’s been completed, though additionally describing that it was her who took absent his mother by requesting all that point again that he doesn’t join together with her that. The response is a primary an individual, {that a} outrageous lady can’t sense apologetic for almost something, previous to Okay-dong even additional elaborates that she deserves to die for the way she acted, and that she doesn’t need for a funeral, however reasonably to be thrown into the ocean.

Instantly after the ordeal, Okay-dong winds up hospitalised, with a warning supplied to Dong-seok that if she leaves, she’ll die. However the previous feminine doesn’t care, looking for to go once more to Jeju whatever the possible penalties. In order that they intend to just do that, however not previous to having with one another and sharing time as a family members devoid of resentment current. Choices change a bit of however, as 1st they need to head to Gusa city to fulfil 1 of Alright-dong’s closing needs.

Adhering to the transient journey down reminiscence lane to the place she utilized to fulfill her late companion simply after carry out, Alright-dong returns to Jeju, greeted on the boat by the excellent information of of Yeong-ju and Hyun’s youngster getting born more healthy. Then, Dong-seok aids his mother with creating, demonstrating all the pieces from the names of relations members, to Jeju, to the ocean. It’s a touching minute of bonding, complemented by a teasing of a trip to Mount Halla.

When Dong-seok returns to Jeju along with his mother, he’s swiftly flanked by Jung-joon and Eun-hui, who ask how the journey to Mokpo went. However they’re not simply afforded solutions, because the cussed salesman exits the dialogue as quickly because the guests lights alter. Quickly after that, Eun-hui finds herself cornered by In-gwon, who miracles irrespective of if Han-su and Mi-ran have been notified of the approaching athletic meet, one thing he’s notably enthusiastic about due to to his need to beat Osan-ri.

Extremely, Dong-seok requires his mother to Mount Halla, permitting her to soak within the snow that the wind blows as she marvels on the sight of it. It’s not ample however, as Okay-dong additionally wish to go to Baengnokdam Lake, even when it could select a major 4+ hrs to achieve it. The request is acknowledged, having stated that, and so the 2 set off going for walks to get to the vacation spot, with the alter in marriage apparent far too.

When the matter of reincarnation will come up, issues modify marginally, with Okay-dong claiming that she would need to be born right into a wealthy partner and kids so she may reap the rewards for all these round her, and that she wouldn’t need to be Dong-seok’s mom as soon as extra. Besides he turned kindhearted that’s, through which scenario she would take him as soon as extra. Okay-dong does state that her happiest reminiscence is that this journey to Mount Halla, despite the fact that, a heat instantaneous that touches Dong-seok proper earlier than he receives irritated at his equally cussed mother who persists in desirous to arrive on the lake.

A compromise is earlier than lengthy designed, 1 that Okay-dong doesn’t have a say in, that Dong-seok will ascend to the height to decide on a photograph of the see, when his mom will wait in a restaurant. When there, she unsuccessfully makes an try to easily name Jong-u as her son pushes on to entry the height of the mountain, recalling each the negativity and tempered reconciliation included within the romance along with his mom.

When arriving on the approved restrict because of the truth of the snow, Dong-seok movies a video for his mom displaying her the have a look at, however finds himself tearing up a lot too, requesting that he returns to the precise location with Okay-dong subsequent spring. He seems to be to know that this will likely be unachievable, however the sentiment touches the sick lady who watches the film on repeat within the truck that night time. And, provided {that a} journey to the dwelling he assisted make, as properly as a gathering with Seon-a, is then afforded, it’s very clear that the 2 have reasonably mended their relationship.

When settling his mother down for the night time, Dong-seok leaves with a request for stew that much more warms the coronary coronary heart of Alright-dong, who smiles as her son drives absent. The next early morning, she fortunately adheres to her son’s wants, creating the meals in anticipation of his return. Nonetheless, by the point he receives there, able to benefit from the foodstuff, his mom has presently handed, unable to take heed to him get in contact together with her by the title she when stripped away. So he telephone calls Chun-hee, who’s devastated however geared up to share the knowledge with some others, wanting Dong-seok to only maintain by Alright-dong’s aspect.

Holding his mom’s hand, Dong-seok rests beside Alright-dong, affectionately stroking her encounter as he commences to permit his tears out. Then, it turns right into a full hug, an individual full of remorse, take pleasure in, and each different conceivable emotion as he cries out “mum.” On the narration, Dong-seok admits after describing that Alright-dong by no means ever said she beloved him, or was sorry, that he by no means resented his mother, and that every one he wanted to do was patch factors up and embrace her.

The ending

Quickly after we see the response of the Jeju natives, we switch ahead an individual thirty day interval, in time for the athletic meet (we additionally witness that Dong-seok appears to have settled down with Seon-a). And, with the returning Han-Su and Mi-ran, we get pleasure from a constructive a number of scenes, seeing the Jeju crowd simply tackle the athletics sport titles collectively, flanked by the supporting crowd of buddies and relations.

Ultimately, with scenes of the gathering participating in within the {qualifications}, the meet will come to an cease, along with a touching info that we had been all born to be happy, to not endure. And, on that observe, the 12 months arrives to a detailed.

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