Wedding Flowers: Current Trends and Ideas

In addition to being a wedding custom, the right flowers can help elevate your color scheme, complete your wedding party look, and add personality to your ceremony decor. Bridal bouquets are a lot simpler to pick, purchase, and work with than you might think. We’ll walk you through the decision-making process in this article and offer some creative bridal bouquet ideas you can use. 

Where to Purchase Your Wedding Bouquet


Generally speaking, you have two options for purchasing your bridal bouquet: online or offline. There are many online options that have fresh Wedding Flowers. Moreover, you can also customize your bouquet according to your wedding theme as well. You can easily get flowers delivery online at your place for your bouquet.

15 Gorgeous Ideas for Wedding Bouquets

These bridal bouquet ideas were chosen because they offer a wide range of styles, prices, and sizes, and are aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Bouquets with only one stem – Wedding Flowers

A single, enormous stem of a dahlia or sunflower is whimsical and upbeat. But as long as the flower’s head is the appropriate size for your overall look, you can pretty much use any kind of flower. As an alternative, you can create a uniform bouquet by using 12 of the same flowers (such as tulips or alstroemerias).

  1. Wildflowers

In this arrangement, tiny poufs of color contrast with thin, delicate stems. For outdoor ceremonies and naturalistic themes, this bridal bouquet works best.

  1. Only a white flower Bouquet – Wedding Flowers

With this look, you can mix and match different flower shapes. They will look stunning as long as they are all the same white color.

  1. Sunny pastel rainbow

Bright colors are the epitome of summer, so a bridal bouquet that reflects this season will undoubtedly be lovely. Combine a variety of vividly colored roses, wildflowers, lavender stems, sweet peas, peonies, and astilbe with neutrals like chamomile or dusty miller. This can be stunning wedding bouquets for the bride. 

  1. Roses – Wedding Flowers

The most romantic flower in the world, the rose, complements just about any other bloom. Peonies or hydrangeas are good choices of flowers of equal size to go with it. You can choose to use a broad spectrum of related colors or contrast them to make a point.

  1. Green Cascade and bluish

As the bride walks down the aisle, her wedding bouquet, which is typically made of orchids, will hang over her hands. To finish the look, mix greenery, blush-colored elements, and blooms like roses, calla lilies, and lisianthus.

  1. Lavenders – Wedding Flowers

Lavender has become one of the most widely used flowers for weddings because of its long, thin, purple stems. Many people like it because of its charming scent and rustic beauty. In large floral arrangements or as the only flowers in a bouquet at a rustic wedding, lavenders are typically used as filler flowers. Lavender’s great versatility allows you to incorporate it into both soft and striking color schemes. Lavender has been linked to a variety of meanings. Serenity, grace, admiration, purity, devotion, beauty, and love are just a few of them.

  1. Surprise of Spring

This idea for a bridal bouquet is bouncy and joyful and uses seasonal flowers like pansies, hellebores, or snowdrop anemones along with fun bouquet shapes like loose, crescent, or cascading to make a new, original design.

  1. In stripes – Wedding Flowers

As long as the flowers are stacked in layers to create the coveted “stripe effect,” this style of bridal bouquet can be replicated using any flower variety. Limit yourself to two or three different types of flowers if you’d like to keep it small because the more layers you add, the bigger it will become.

  1. One color bouquet

To make an eye-catching wedding bouquet, pick one color and mix a variety of blooms in that hue. By using this method, you can mix a huge variety of blooming styles without having to worry about them clashing.

  1. Beauty pageant – Wedding Flowers

The dramatic pageant bouquet style, which is a classic beauty queen look, necessitates the bride holding the bouquet with her hands and occasionally her forearm. Any flower can use to mimic the large style as long as the stems are substantial and tall. 

  1. Peonies

This lush and feathery flower is typically made the focal point of a floral arrangement because it is frequently associated with romance and wealth. Romantic hues like soft white and blush all the way to vivid magenta and red are represented by the traditional flowers of China. There is no need to question the adaptability of peonies in any bouquet because of their wide range of colors. Peonies are frequently associated with love, and wealth, and are also thought to portend good fortune and a happy marriage.

Ideas for a bouquet devoid of flowers

Traditional flower arrangements are magnificent and aesthetically pleasing forever. However, bouquets without flowers can still be quite lovely and have a lot of different symbolic meanings. Before you get overly excited and begin fantasizing about having one for your own nuptials, consider whether the style fits your personality and your wedding’s theme. If you decide against a traditional bouquet, you don’t want to end up regretting your choice.

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