What makes diabetes such a threat to males today?

When you have diabetes, your blood sugar levels are elevated. Your life may become very complicated as a result, which is what we’ll talk about here.

You can see that excessive sugar consumption and even foods with high carbohydrate content cause an increase in blood sugar levels. The issue is that while glucose is required for respiration and energy combustion in cells, where it is transformed into ATP molecules, it can also cause serious issues like diabetes due to high and excess levels. Diabetes is only an issue of too much sugar.

Due of this, a number of issues could occur. You might be required to take medications like  Fildena 100mg and Vidalista 20mg due to some of the complications that result from the illness.


It frequently happens before diabetes develops. Although the affected person’s blood sugar levels will be high in this case, there is no need for alarm. If the patient accepts doctor observation and therapy only during this time, it is reversible.

Pregnancy diabetes

This only affects females and is not very prevalent. When a pregnant woman’s calorie consumption increases by a factor of several, type 4 diabetes may develop. However, if the patient follows the doctor’s advice and uses a treatment, this is also reversible after childbirth and largely curable.

Chronic diabetes

This is the point at which diabetes can be legitimately classified as a disorder. Type one and type two diabetes have two levels even at this stage of the disease.

Diabetes type 2 can be so severe that it can potentially cause your death. However, this time the levels of blood sugar have already recovered significantly and you only need to use treatment methods to stop further increases in sugar levels. Additionally, it is one of the reasons you are required to purchase Fildena 100 pills from the market.

Complications in health caused by diabetes

Injury to blood vessels

Damage to your blood vessels will be your first issue. And the reasoning for this is fairly simple: when your blood arteries transport blood with a high sugar and glucose content, some of this sugar is deposited on the arterial walls, and over time, this can cause serious arterial damage. Additionally, you might experience vascular trauma.

Neurological discomfort caused by injury to the nerves

Your nerves suffer considerable long-term damage from diabetes. This causes neural discomfort or pain in the nerves to manifest. The brain or the neural cells in the brain, where there is a complex network of slender and thin nerves, will be the most frequently affected places. Large-scale nerve injury can ensue from sugar crystal deposition, and this is where the ensuing pain will manifest.

Increased risk of stroke and heart attack

Additionally, your risk of heart attack and stroke significantly increases. High blood sugar levels cause blood viscosity to fluctuate, which increases the risk of potentially fatal outcomes.

The issue is that because blood has become more viscous, it must be pumped under more pressure to keep the flow going. The heart muscles are naturally under pressure as a result, and with time, this may even become one of your terrifying realities.

Kidney diseases and damage

One of the most crucial organs in the entire human body are the kidneys. Diabetes may contribute to kidney impairment, which can have serious life-long effects.

You know, the kidneys are likely the organs with the largest network of microscopic blood arteries and capillaries after the brain. Some of these delicate and tiny arteries become blocked or even destroyed from diabetes and high blood sugar levels. Making them incapable of removing waste products from the blood. One of the most crucial organs in the entire human body are the kidneys. Diabetes may contribute to kidney impairment, which can have serious life-long effects.

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