Stay Connected in the Skies: The Benefits of Delta Inflight WiFi

While travelling via airlines, have you ever wished you could have your internet connection mainly for long-route flights?

The good news is now you can stay connected in the skies as Delta Airlines is offering in-flight Wireless Internet services on selected flights. You can now connect your phones, laptops, and other devices in the air to the Delta in-flight WiFi connection.


Let’s first talk about the features and benefits of Delta inflight wifi


Delta Airlines have recently introduced an inflight wifi connection on selected flights. Now make your long air travel worthwhile. Let’s talk about its features first:


  • Fast internet connection
  • Both the Deltas website and app are available to use
  • Reliable services
  • Allow you to connect on social media for updates
  • You can enjoy streaming services on Hulu, Netflix, Prime videos, etc on air.

Get the new experience of the internet via delta airlines wifi. Moving forward to see how to connect to Delta wifi inflight.

A guide to making a connection to delta inflight wifi

If you want to purchase Delta inflight WiFi connection, then you can follow these steps and enjoy the internet service in the air:

1). Firstly turn on your device and open the “Settings” app.

2). Turn on the Airplane mode for security reasons

3). Make a connection with the network 

4). Open the browser, this action will automatically take you to the delta wifi portal. If by any chance it doesn’t then open it manually-

5). Enter the credentials to connect if you already have. Otherwise, by following the onscreen instructions, purchase Delta wifi inflight access.

6). After successfully creating the connection, start browsing the internet for streaming, social media, etc.

It is first necessary to connect to the Delta wifi network before performing any internet-related action.

Subscribe for the wifi plans of delta

Below are the steps that you can follow to subscribe to the Delta wifi plans:

  • Log in with your credentials on or create a new SkyMiles account.
  • Either click on “Get WiFi now” or “Manage My Subscription”
  • Choose your preferred plan, then click on “Continue”
  • You will land on the payment page, make your payment, and at last click on “Submit”.

Connect to the Delta wifi inflight by following the simple onscreen instructions.

Steps to subscribe for the Delta WiFiOnBoard plans

Below are the steps that you can follow to purchase a WifiOnBoard subscription to access the delta internet:

  • Choose the monthly or annual plan on
  • Install the Wifionboard app on your device
  • You can purchase from the website only
  • When available, connect to the Delta inflight wifi
  • Use your WifiOnBoard credentials to login to use the internet services on your flight.


Enjoy the Delta internet services in the sky. Always remember the service is available on selected flights only.

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