Write A Perfect Blog For University Assignment Under 60 Minutes

Imagine yourself sitting at your school desk, head throbbing with pain. You are all set for your class to be over. Only 15 minutes left.

Last night is a blur, you remember sleeping late at night, what were you doing then? You start to reminisce about whatever you were doing. 10 minutes left.

Ah! Right, Caroline, your neighbour was there with you, you guys were discussing a plan. 8 minutes left.

What was the plan again? Oh right, since you both were free this weekend, you guys planned to watch a movie and bake some brownies for yourself. How fun it is going to be.

Suddenly you wake up lying in your pool of drool and your professor calling your name angrily. What?! When did you sleep? You knew staying up past midnight was a terrible mistake. And now you have to bear the consequences. How many minutes are left?

Oh right, forget about the minutes; you have to respond to your soreheaded professor. While the whole class is laughing at you, and your tutor is gazing like he would eat you alive. Can this day become anymore worse?

And as if your day was waiting for you to ask this question to yourself, it becomes a superlative degree of worse. Wait, how?

You are assigned to write a blog assignment, that too, on the topic your professor was discussing while you were sleeping like a log. All your weekend plans are going to be foiled now. Great!

Before you could ask for some guidance, the bell rang. Class is over. Ugh! Now you have to sort it all by yourself. Well, worry not, because we are here to serve you with an ultimate guide to writing an excellent blog assignment in 60 minutes. So, you will be all free to watch that movie with your friend at the weekend. Let us get started.

8 Steps To Tailoring A Perfect Blog For Assignment

Establish The Concept Of Your Blog Topic: Before you start to write, you must be aware of the concept of your assignment. You cannot write a blog on Assignment writing services if you have no knowledge of how things work for them. Understand their motive and their way of processing to get creative ideas flooding your mind.

Go online, seek help from famous search engines, read articles, and maybe contact a few service providers to double-check your facts and figures. And then, you will be all set to move on to the next step.

Create An Outline: This is our favourite part of writing a blog assignment. You basically do nothing but achieve the whole framework of your assignment by creating an outline. Simply take a pen and paper and begin brainstorming the ideas relevant to your topic. Once you have jotted down everything, assemble it nicely.

Make bold headings and assign appropriate content to be written in them. You can make a rough outline or a proper graphical illustration of the steps to achieve your goal. Once you have made your outline, consider you have done the most part. By moving systematically, you will be sure to include every important detail you would’ve forgotten otherwise. Smart move, right?

Write Mesmerizing Headline: Your blog headline will be the first thing your professor will see. So, we suggest you make it more interesting to make him appreciate your efforts. Headlines can make or break the impression of your assignments. See it more as an opportunity to steal attention and spark excitement in the reader.

If you are having trouble writing an awesome headline, we suggest you seek online University Assignment help. These professional helpers will make sure to provide you with an attention-grabber headline.

Write Your First Draft: For this part, you have to lay your outline in front of you and start writing step by step. Make sure to give every heading your maximum and undivided attention if you want to complete your assignment on time. We suggest you start writing from the main body and then write the introduction and conclusion once you have finished. By doing so, you will have a deep understanding of the subject matter, and, therefore, give a compelling introduction and a precise conclusion.

Although we agree that editing is a great habit, don’t bother yourself with editing your work as you write. Just focus on writing everything as you planned. And proceed to the next step.

Edit Your First Draft: Take some time for yourself after you are done jotting every detail you want to add. This step requires a free and fresh mind. Once you are properly relaxed, read it from your professor’s perspective. Correct all the mistakes and errors you find along the way. Make your sentences concise and to the point. The key is to remove all the fluff to make your assignments look more professional.

This step is very important, and many students become their own enemies by skipping this step altogether. If you skip this part, your assignment quality will eventually be compromised. The accuracy and grammatical mistakes will be another headache. Therefore, we urge you to always proofread your blog assignments. To be on the safe side, make your friend proofread it for you after you are done editing to eliminate every chance of error.

Write Your Final Draft: Once you are done proofreading, it is time for you to start writing your final draft. Make sure to remain creative and avoid making any mistakes. Fortunately, it is just a blog assignment instead of an academic research paper, so you don’t have to worry yourself to death.

Add Relevant Pictures: After completing the final draft, now comes the fun part. You can add relevant pictures to your draft to make it look more noteworthy. Just keep in mind to only add the appropriate pictures that are in sync with your subject matter.

Format: Once you have done all the hard work, the last part would be formatting everything. Make sure you have used the same fonts throughout your blog. Make the headings bold, and increase their font size. Moreover, ensure that the pictures you have added are wrapped properly and in the proper place. And just like that, you are all set to bake those brownies on the weekend.

Final Verdict

Writing a blog assignment can be fun. Thankfully they are not as tricky as research papers are. Besides requiring less research, they also require minimum effort. But if you put sufficient effort and time into completing them, they can improve your grades. So, make sure to follow the above-given steps the next time you are assigned a blog as your university assignment. Henceforth, you will be writing a great blog assignment in no time.

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