How To Make The Right Cold Brew Espresso

For espresso lovers, of course, you already know that Espresso can be used for hot coffee and cold brew. You can make a lot of drink creations with just a little espresso. That’s why Espresso is such a fun drink because we can do a lot with Espresso and find the taste that suits us best. In grinding espresso coffee, we have to experiment a lot with the smoothness and roughness of the coffee we will produce. It takes several experiments so that we get the most appropriate level of smoothness and roughness to make the best Espresso taste they enjoy. Things like this are part of the process. which is great fun for espresso lovers, as it creates a feeling of satisfaction when they know that the touches they make to their Espresso determine what kind of Espresso they will enjoy.

The art of Espresso is not only in the grinding process but also when we try to combine Espresso with other ingredients. If we combine Espresso with milk, you have made a Latte. If we combine Espresso with low-fat milk and milk foam, you have made a Capuccino. You can also combine Espresso with sugar, whipped cream, or ice cream. Isn’t it fun to be creative with Espresso?

We can also enjoy Espresso, hot or cold. Depends on your taste. Most people like to enjoy hot Espresso, but there’s nothing wrong with trying cold Espresso and creating your own. Here we provide tips on how to make cold Espresso:

  1. Make Espresso

Of course, making the Espresso itself is the first and foremost thing you should do if you want to make a cold brew. If you are an expert in making Espresso, the best thing to do is grind the espresso coffee beans manually so that you can pay close attention to the smoothness of your Espresso.

  1. Add ice cubes

Once the Espresso is made, the next thing to do is add the ice cubes to a blender or food grinder. The ice cube blender doesn’t need to be too smooth until the ice cubes are broken into small pieces. Then pour ice cubes into your favorite glass.

  1. Add Other Ingredients

The last thing we need to do to make the cold espresso taste even more delicious is to add a little sugar to your Espresso that has not been mixed with ice cubes. Stir your Espresso so that the sugar is completely dissolved evenly. After you make sure the sugar is completely dissolved, pour the Espresso slowly over the glass containing the ice cubes that have been blended. And your cold Espresso is ready to be enjoyed.. the next thing one will want to do when making their cold espresso drink is add a little sugar to the Espresso itself.

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